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Releasing Anxiety Reiki connects you to spirit and gently calms and soothes your worries and fears. The energies of this attunement are warm, healing, and loving. Releasing Anxiety Reiki helps you to heal and release any anxiety, stress, and tension that keeps you feeling wired and often irritable.

Anxiety often builds within and can lead to stress related illness and disease. This empowerment helps you release the anxiety that blocks your path and prevents your happiness. It is a very healing empowerment that brings a feeling of relief and peace within.

When anxiety strikes, it can make your feel restless, stressed, worried, and uneasy. Generally, there is a feeling I like to call “stretched rubberband” feeling where you can feel it in your arms pulling and all through your neck and shoulders like a stretched rubberband.

We have all felt anxious at times, and sometimes it is a good anxiousness in which we feel excited in a happy way. We are looking forward to receiving something, doing something, getting something, or going somewhere. This type of anxiety is not harmful, but can still cause sleeplessness and restlessness. The result overall is one of looking forward to some happy event.

True anxiety though, is born of fear. This is the type of stress that keeps you up all night with worry, or inability to function normally. True anxiety can lead to illness and disease and it disrupts your life with irritability and discord. Over time, it can also cause eating disorders, insomia, and even lead to paranoia. Panic attacks are serious issues that can cause your throat to close and make it hard to breathe. Often coughing and real feelings of distress set in. Anxiety and panic attacks are not always rational.

Fear instincts are necessary in order to protect you and warn you of danger. But when these instincts become irrational, or intense, the fears are exaggerated and anxiety is the result. In some cases anxiety can develop into phobias or irrational behaviors.

Distant empowerment sent via chi ball.
You will receive a .pdf manual.
Certificate issued if needed.
Founder: Linda Colibert

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