Sacred Green Money Circle Reiki

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Sacred Green Money Circle Reiki is a very powerful and energetic reiki system that combines Magick with Reiki. Both Magick and Reiki come from the Creative Source of Spirit by whatever name you choose to use. This system connects you to Spirit and surrounds you with the vibration of money. It not only empowers you to be more positive about how you think about money, but is also draws money to you in a positive way. These days, all of us can use more money, and I have learned so much about prosperity, abundance, and creating a positive field of energy because of many of the issues I have had to deal with this past year. It is time now, to make this system available to others so that together, we can create change in a positive way. Using the energies of the Sacred Green Money Circle Reiki will connect you to The Creative Source and, the energies and vibrations of money. It helps to draw money and opportunities of positive cash flow to you. In turn, as you use the energies and work to improve your financial situation, it adds to the Universal energies of change for a more prosperous world for everyone. Sacred Green Money Circle Reiki can be used to help yourself and others.

Sacred Green Money Circle Reiki

In magick, the Sacred Circle is a sphere, a bubble that surrounds you completely for protection when you are working magickal spells and rituals. You form it by drawing the circle on the ground and then it expands to enclose you in a beautiful bubble or sphere that can be as colorful and individually designed as you like using imagination and creative intent).

The Sacred Green Money Circle begins as a circle in much the same way. In a full magickal ritual you would draw this circle by walking the circle and declaring it to be the Sacred Green Money Circle. The ways in which the Magick Circle is drawn is as unique to each person as your imagination allows. Some people draw it literally in the dirt, some lay rope down, some pour water, wine, or ale, etc., some use their wand, some use their hands or finger to draw the circle as they walk it and declare it to be their personal Magick Circle. You may choose to create your Sacred Green Money Circle in the same way, if you want to, but know that I have done this for you and so it is not necessary.

I have created the Sacred Green Money Circle for you. This reiki attunement connects you to it instantly, so that all you have to do is run the
energies using the symbol and you are surrounded with the Sacred Green Money Circle and the positive energies of money! You can activate it anytime and anywhere. Normally, this Sacred Green Money Circle will surround you with positive money energies for one week. But you can extend it by asking the Sacred Green Money Circle to stay up for any specific amount of time you want to request. I suggest renewing it to
strengthen it as you feel guided.

The Goddesses of Abundance and Prosperity, Lakshmi and Abundantia work with you to surround you with positive money drawing energies. Also the Sacred Green Money Circle is protected by the Archangels Uriel, Raphael, Michael, and Gabriel, so that nothing can break it or attach in any
negative way. This attunement brings healing of financial issues, so things may surface that you need to be aware of and make changes to, if you ask
for a more permanent money healing and not just quick money blessings. However, you can also run it for quick money blessings to receive more
income, unexpected fast cash, and extra money to pay bills and for emergencies.

The deep healing money issues require you to face things that you may not want to see in order to acknowledge and make changes. Sometimes you may not be aware of spending habits or things like overdraft fees that the bank charges, when you are in need of getting some necessary bill paid
immediately. These things can zap your money, and create an energy of throwing your money away, or not caring much about money. When this happens, it turns out that you will spend everything the minute it comes in and have nothing left over to save for when you need it or something that
is a larger item you may need to purchase or pay for.

Sacred Green Money Circle Reiki is a system that can be used for long term prosperity as well as quick cash and an increase of abundance. It can be
used to bring to a deeper healing of financial issues and circumstances when necessary.

Distant empowerment sent via chi ball.
You will receive a .pdf manual.
Certificate issued if needed.
Founder: Linda Colibert

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