Sexual Flush Empowerment System Level 4 – Master Teacher

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After you receive Level 4 of the Sexual Flush Empowerment System, you may share this system with others.

Without trust in your intimate relationships; anxiety, fear and disappointment will always be in the background. The same is true for healthy sex, trust is essential. Trust can be strengthened by having a clear expression of understanding about what is expected in your relationship. In a healthy sexual relationship there harm to no one.

If being hurt in the past has hindered your growth and development and has kept you from feeling emotionally safe and trusting; the final level of the Sexual Flush Empowerment System will assist in removing the fear of trusting again.

Sexual Flush Level 4 will also remove fears of being able to express regarding sexual boundaries and etc with your partner so there is a clear understanding what is expected by both of you in the sexual relationship.

Prerequisite: Sexual Flush Empowerment System

Distant empowerment sent via chi ball.
You will receive a .pdf manual.
Certificate issued if needed.
Founder: Rosemary Noel

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