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The ‘SilverStar’ energy is a powerful light which has been used to evolve very advanced races. It was used by the Irish gods, the ‘Tuatha De Danann’ (or people of the Goddess Danu) to increase their light fields. They were also known as the ‘Shining Ones’. It is said that they were God beings with supernatural powers.. Their Light was mighty.

The codes were first downloaded by the Elohim and High Council, it was this Silverstar Energy which came through first. Many people who have received it, said that they felt as if they had been plugged into the National Grid.

The ‘SilverStar Energy’ has been used by the beings known as ‘The Shining Ones’, to enable them to embody more light from the Light fields of ‘Source’. This energy holds the Divine Feminine principles, and vibrates at around 9D. It will rapidly shift your vibration out of the denser frequencies and propel you to a state of Joy/Bliss.

It repels all lower frequency energy, and operates outside of the laws, such as the ‘Law of Attraction’. Thus it is possible to shift from feeling suicidal one second, to feeling elated the next, and to remain that way for some considerable time.


– Repels all darkness and lower dimensional energy/entities
– Attracts the Highest Light into your energy field
– Transforms all things to Light
– Rapidly increases your vibrational frequency
– Lifts you instantly out of despair/depression

Certificate issued if needed.
I personally work on you for 30 minutes as a healing facilitator, via long distance.
1 session included.

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