Social Outcast Reversal Level 1 & 2

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Social Outcast Reversal is a very important spiritual tool for people who have ever felt singled out and rejected by individuals or groups. Maybe your reputation was unfairly tarnished by lies that people told or a unfortunate situation was made public and ruined your opportunities to be accepted.

Several energy functions are included in Social Outcast Reversal level 1 to assist to remove the imprint of these experiences from your body and reality.

Level 2 of this energy system is particularly wonderful in that it provides Social Skills Empowerments to increase your ability to navigate social situations. There are empowerments to help you increase your “likeability”.

Your “trustworthy factor” and ability to be accepted is increased in level 2.

Social Skills Empowerments is the topic of level 2! We have moved past the previous outcast feelings and imprints, having changed any opinions that could be changed at this time and are ready to work on our own skills!

Being accepted by others involves both the acceptance from others, and our own feeling of being acceptable.

It is difficult for Source to bring into our reality a relationship that we don’t feel worthy of.

Social Acceptance Empowerment helps each of us who activate this empowerment feel worthy of being accepted by others into the community. Social Acceptance Empowerment helps others to see past any of their own preconceived notions and adverse first impressions about you to recognize your worthiness to be accepted by them.

Social Acceptance Empowerment often works better than some other energy systems aimed at increasing people’s self worth. This is because it can be difficult to entirely re-make a person’s self image of themselves without some positive reinforcement of budding new positive relationships. That is why Social Acceptance Empowerment is such an exciting energy function! It allows acceptance. Acceptance does not say that a person is good or bad or anything it particular. It says that I accept you as you are. No change of a person’s belief about themselves has to be made first.

Now that acceptance has been allowed, and the person feels socially acceptable, then Source can work within the person to help them re-make their self image into an image that is likeable and worth getting to know and be with. The last empowerment in level 2 of Social Outcast Reversal is the Likeability Empowerment. Why wait until enough time has passed that the new experiences of being accepted has worked its way through all of the past negative self image for a person to think that maybe they are likeable?

The Likeability Empowerment, when activated with a strong desire to be likeable, does not attend to whether you already are likeable or not! It simply increases your ability to be likeable by others and yourself! How wonderful! The Likeability Empowerment also assists you to be likeable to yourself and others when differences of ethnicity, beliefs, appearances or activities exist between you and those who you hope will like you.

Distant empowerment sent via chi ball.
You will receive a .pdf manual.
Certificate issued if needed.
Founder: Rev. Mariah Couture

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