Tikun Hakklali Shakti

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Tikun Hakklali Shakti is spiritual healing force that is very effective to repair and restore us in many levels: Physical, energetic, emotional, mental and spiritual, it helps us to restore our lost spiritual light, spiritual light is light of our spirit, the light that we have all but it affected with many things and became dim, this is the light that encourage us to see our true path to perfection, this is the light of hope that encourage peoples to walk in their path to perfection and don’t stop in the middle of path. It helps us to become more in harmony with universe, all that is.

Tikun Hakklali Shakti have a great effect on our sexual level, to clean, heal, and balance it, be it in physical body or in other bodies, Tikun Hakklali Shakti will help us to restore our sacred sexuality, it can be used to heal any kind of sexual impotency and imbalance.

Tikun Hakklali Shakti will help masses and bring good things such as freedom from despair, help others with fears of oppression, bring freedom from depression, help others to develop inner vision and experience a deeper Oneness with All and the Divine Source, as well as bring out divine attributes and purify, elevate others in words, thoughts and deeds, inspiring others to accept what is theirs by divine right, claim their divine inheritance and raise consciousness and personal power.


– Restoring spiritual power and light
– Healing of disease, physical, emotional, mental, spiritual
– Creating new hope and desire for life
– Changing our view to higher divine view
– Deep clearing in body and subtle bodies
– Strengthen aura and energy body
– Upraising of one’s energy vibration
– Great psychic protection
– Helping to live in peace with others
– Healing fear and despair
– Improving one’s ability to have greater positive effect on others
– Great sexual clearing, healing, restoration
– Helps to release unused and negative energies and thought, feeling from the past

There are 8 attunements overall in this system.

Prerequisite: USUI Reiki Level 1 & 2


Prerequisite: Kundalini Reiki Master

Distant empowerment sent via chi ball.
You will receive a .pdf manual.
Certificate issued if needed.
Founder: Mahacita Bahuruci

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