Starseed DNA Activation

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The Starseed DNA Activation will assist in the awakening of your natural abilities that match your Star Nation (your galactic origin). Yes, you have the same abilities as they do. This activation will assist you to connect with your galactic guides from your home planet – your Star Nation – and embark on an exciting journey of spiritual growth and personal transformation.

Benefits include:
 Energy work combined with the Language of Light. (The
Language of Light combines all the languages from the universe in
thought energy forms. Each sound carries an incredible amount of
energy, color, geometric shapes and light-coded messages.)
 Cutting of cords and other energy links that take away your
energy and vitality.
 Releasing of energy that no longer serves you in a positive way.
 Reconnection of your basic axiatonal grid with Earth, yourself
and Universe (your home world).
 Opening and activation of Earth and Soul Star chakras,
reconnection to the Ancient Atlantis, Universe and the beings
of Light.
 CHAKRA cleansing, rebalancing and activation.
 Meridians – reconnection.
 Activation of God’s line (thymus gland, pineal gland, nervous
system) light body activation.
 Activation of 12 strands of DNA.

This activation will assist you to awaken your psychic abilities that lay dormant for now or are just awakening. After this activation your body will go through transformations on all planes. You will experience a level of awakening of the senses, a vast increase in your intuition and expansion of your psychic and healing abilities. You will feel a need to use and hone your natural abilities. You will be able to hold higher frequencies in your body, which will assist you to connect with your guides and assist you to discover your higher purpose in your life. You will grow and progress in your earth life, in your earth body, into the higher dimensions.

You may experience a sudden opening or gentle awakening of your abilities. Each of us is different, and how much and how rapidly you will accelerate into the higher dimensions depends on your level of
experience and readiness. My guides would like to mention that each person who is intrigued in taking this activation have their own reasons for doing so and will benefit to its highest purpose. All body energy changes and activations are based on Free Will.

This activation cannot be given to someone you love without his/her agreement or knowledge.

Certificate issued if needed.
I personally work on you for 1 hour as a DNA facilitator, via long distance.

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