Zenith Omega™ Level 3 Healing Session

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Zenith Omega™ works with Light Color Frequencies, Sacred Geometry and Sound, and Sacred Guides to dissolve blocks in the our etheric meridians and matrix system, allowing the reintegration of source energy back into our physical DNA. This allows more light to enter into our energy field. As acupuncture works on the physical meridians, Zenith Omega works on all meridians where everything starts, and is effective in reorganizing latent DNA, creating openings that support us in our path to wholeness.

With intent and desire and the support of magnificent etheric guides, Zenith Omega facilitates the transformation of any unbalanced emotion or ailment and assists in our spiritual transformation.

As the color energy patterns resonate through the body’s energy pathways, it flows into the surrounding cellular structure and permeates all the way to the very DNA, and begins to release energy blocks at the genetic level.

Zenith Omega Clears Blockages

Because Zenith Omega™ is designed to clear ALL blockages, this color energy infiltrates into all of the energy fields that surround the body, where the energy begins to release issues and stagnant patterns-blockages-that have been stored, programmed, or encoded there. With the cleared fields of energy, the mind begins to see through illusionary issues and stagnant patterns, and can now make choices from a more realistic aspect, rather than through false illusions, fear, anger, ego, greed and guilt, one or more of those debilitating and crippling dis-eases.

Zenith Omega Clearings Heal & Ground You

Once Zenith Omega has cleansed your field, the pure energy flowing from source, again moves through you as intended. The brain and heart centers reconnect. Your mind becomes alive with the truth of who you are. Your life becomes centered. You become aware of a sense of wholeness and effectiveness; your purpose becomes clear as you move forward along the path of your choice.


– An increased feeling and sense of well-being
– Clarity of ideas and purpose
– More self-confidence and personal power
– Greater insight into yourself and others
– Physical healing
– Expansive abilities
– Restoration of joy and laughter in life
– Better communication and understanding in relationships
– Feeling balanced and centered in a forever deepening experience of love.

I facilitate 6 healings in one session out of many Zenith Omega™ healing/clearings.

Level 3 is working with the Mental & Emotional issues, dealing with the more complex energies and blockages.

Zenith Omega™ Level 3 Clearings

  1. Clarity of Purpose
  2. Clarity of Decision
  3. Apathy
  4. Remembrance
  5. Clearing for Survival
  6. Wisdom
  7. The Healers Tool
  8. The Healers Tool II
  9. Clear Focus
  10. Clearing For Light
  11. The Healers Hands
  12. Computer Over-ride
  13. I’M OK Clearing
  14. Total Well Being
  15. Leadership
  16. Be Still
  17. A Final Step
  18. Field Clearing HP Rep WI Bonding
  19. Mental Body (Alignment & Focus)
  20. Clearing for P C
  21. Word Power Awareness
  22. Emotional Body (Alignment & Focus)
  23. The Computer Fix
  24. Clarity of Intent
  25. Clearing for ATI
  26. Clearing for A.R.
  27. Peace Within The Field
  28. Release for “Fear of Power”
  29. The Law
  30. Clearing LAW
  31. Shield of Impersonal
  32. Emotional Balance
  33.  Co-Dependency
  34. Denial
  35. Criticism (Past, Present, Future)
  36. Untrue Thoughts
  37. Clearing the Field of all Parent Patterning, (Falling outside the D.P.
  38. Forgiveness (Father)
  39. Forgiveness (Mother)
  40. Clearing Hurt
  41. Clearing for Depression & Loneliness
  42. Clearing Jealousy
  43. Clearing of Put Down Tapes
  44. Clearing Rejection
  45. Clearing Abandonment
  46. Clearing & Release of All Buried Emotions (All Planes, All Times)
  47. Clearing of Self Destruct Tapes
  48. Pain
  49. Clarity of Pattern
  50. The Beings Perfect Pattern
  51. Clearing Broken Heart
  52. Freedom from the Misogyny Trap
  53. Clearing Impulsiveness
  54. Habit (Release & Replacement)
  55. Clearing “New Life”
  56. Mind Control (Clearing, Deprogram; Installation of D.P.)
  57. Peter Pan & Shadow Bonding
  58. Schizophrenia
  59. Clearing Narcissistic Disorders
  60. Autism
  61. The Gathering Together (M.P.D.)
  62. Clearing Self-Hatred
  63. Insecurity (with self)
  64. Bitterness
  65. Hopelessness
  66. Inner Chaos
  67. Clearing Insecurity
  68. Healing the Inner Child
  69. Clearing Misdirected Need
  70. Clearing Eros to Agape
  71. Childhood Trauma
  72. Abuse
  73. Obsessive – Compulsive
  74. Clearing for Negative Field Violation (Restoration and Balancing)
  75. Sexual Dysfunctions
  76. Clearing Intimacy Dysfunctions
  77. Incest
  78. Clearing of Inner Disharmony
  79. Pattern Identification
  80. Past Life Interference
  81. Release of Leeches or Con Artists
  82. Clearing for Inner Direction
  83. Internal Shield “EMF”
  84. Intuition
  85. Harmony within the Field
  86. Communication
  87. Awakening of Reasoning Intelligence
  88. Prophecy
  89. Clearing the Unmet Need; All levels (Escalation from Balance)
  90. Tonal Awareness & Balance
  91. The Transmutation of Non-Healed Energy
  92. Serenity – True Inner Expression of Source
  93. Clearing Female Energy Flow; Release & Restoration
  94. Clearing Male Energy Flow; Release & Restoration
  95. The Gift of Love to All Mankind
  96. Something Special
  97. Right Choice for Soul Growth

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