Amon the Hidden God

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Amon (Amun, Amen, Ammon, Amoun) – the hidden one – was originally a minor deity recognized in Thebes, Amon came into prominence in Upper Egypt with the accession of the prince of Thebes to power in Egypt. As a result of his rise in popularity, Amon was promoted to king of the gods some time after the 12th Dynasty when Thebes became the new capital of Egypt.

Though worshipped by the wealthy, the common man considered Amon their god who protected the weak and upheld justice. To earn the god’s favour, people would confess their sins to Amon to demonstrate their piety.

You can still call him for protection of the weak.

Amun was said to be unknown because he represented absolute holiness, and in this regard, he was different than any other Egyptian deity. So holy was he that he remained independent of the created universe.

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