Huna or Ho’Omana Energy Attunement

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Huna, also known in ancient times as Ho’omana, is an ancient Hawaiian
spiritual tradition, which was almost lost when Hawaii was ‘invaded’ by
outside influences. Modern research has theories that it is incredibly old. How old is still a question for debate.

Legend traces Ho’omana or as it is known today as Huna back to Lemuria.
Mu, as it is known in legends, was a continent that stretched across the
Pacific Ocean. All that remains of that mythical place are it’s largest
mountain peaks, known today as Tahiti, Polynesia, New Zealand, Hawaii,
and the other Pacific islands. It is said that the peoples of the South Pacific descended from Mu and that Huna was their religious philosophy.
Huna is ‘religious’ only in the sense that it guides us to attain spiritual
perfection. It is not, however, a religion. It is possible to maintain your
religious affiliation and practices, and to be a practitioner of Huna, which is a very broad and inclusive, Universal Way.

Huna is scientific as well since it deals directly with the physical world, in the here and now, and the processes and techniques produce predictable,
repeatable and transferable results with people and the environment.
These results have been, at times, labeled as magic or occult and yet the
unseen forces that produce these effects are very real.

Huna is also a way of life, a philosophy, a way of the heart, with a strong
and yet simple code of ethics. It encourages the balance between the
physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of ‘being’.

Huna is all embracing and sees no conflict with other traditions. There is no one ‘right’ Huna, and the customs and details of Huna vary from
practitioner to practitioner, from Island to Island.

Ho’omana Energy Attunements are an initiation in which you receive
powerful energies that you can then access at any time for yourself or

Founder: Spawn
Distant empowerment sent by chi ball.
Certificate issued if needed.
You will receive a .pdf manual.

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