Mahatma Ascension & Advanced Mahatma Reiki Healing Compilation

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Mahatma Ascension: 318 page pdf manual on Christ Consciouness, Silver Violet Flame, Merkaba, Entity Release, Triple Grid, Names of God, and much more!

GEOM writes: Within Mahatma Ascension you will find 100’s of the best meditations for healing, consciousness expansion, divine transmutation, initiations and empowerments for the Self. Here you will receive many energies, immense healing for yourself and the earth. Included are many meditations, ascension techniques, reiki and advanced reiki meditations, techniques and symbols of healing light and pure love energies. This is not a “new” system entirely. It is, in reality, a compilation, a fusion and is not even a system. For me, it is Love and Light Itself. It is the meeting point of all paths and reiki / energy systems at the top of the mountain. The reiki (energy healing) part is in reality an Advanced Reiki Fusion Method of all the meditations, processes, techniques and symbols of both traditional and modern and newer reiki.


1. Mahatma Attunement by Mystic Temple
2. Masters
* Divine Oneness
* I am a being of flame
* Soul mantra
* Words of Power
* Soul Star
* Ascension Activation with the Archangels
* Protection Visualization
* The Elohim
* Ascension Activation with the Elohim
3. Cutting Edge Ascension Information and Techniques by Dr. Joshua DavidStone
4. The Unified Chakra
5. I AM (7 Rays and Great Invocation)
* 7 Rays
* Working with the 7 Rays
6. Meditations, Channelings and Ascension
7. Mahatma Reiki
8. Advanced Mahatma Reiki Attunements
9. Advanced Mahatma Reiki Healing
10. Invocation to the Names of God
11. The 303 Initiations of Consciousness
12. Meditations and Channelings by Hari Das
* 12-D Initiations: 7 workshops
* Antahkarana
* Ascended and Galactic Masters Healing Teams
* Mahatma
* Ascension
* Keys of Enoch
* Merkaba 1
* Merkaba 2
* Merkaba 3
* Merkaba 4
13. Silver Violet Flame
14. The Love Empowerment
15. Other Rays and Energy Streams
* Sacred Order of the Melchizedek
* The Paramatman Ray
* The Order of the Enochian Magic
* Kabbalah
* The Christ Consciousness Server
16. Entity Release
17. The Triple Grid
18. Vow Break
19. Psychic Abilities
20. Reiki Symbols used in Advanced Mahatma Reiki
21. The Templar Degree
22. Fusion Reiki
23. The Ascended Masters
24. The Angels
25. River of Light: Self-Attunement
26. Unified Field
* Divine Light Integration
* Invocation to Light
27. The Ultimate Ascension Meditation

Included 1 chi ball attunement holding ALL of the attunements and initiations within Mahatma Ascension and Advanced Mahatma Ascension Reiki. There are over 100 different initiations and attunements and over 100 different reiki and spiritual symbols of love, healing and light. You can work at your own pace with this amazing energy.
You will receive a 318 page .pdf manual.
Compilation by: GEOM

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