Multidimensional Awareness Clearing & Activation

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The vast universe is comprised of many, many realities and or dimensions. The world rises from an inner sphere of dimensions which forms an invisible structure. Within this structure there exist doorways that we can travel.

We can tap into the rich resources, wisdom, knowledge, experience, communion and love available to us in other dimensions. Each one of us exists on multiple dimensions, so we can communicate with others in a variety ways on these dimensions.

The purpose of the Multidimensional Awareness Clearing and Activation is to give us the ability to consciously access other dimensions, to place an aspect of our consciousness here, into another reality so that we can directly perceive what is there plus activating our dormant psychic abilities to experience multidimensional awareness.

This will enable us to connect directly with Higher Beings in other dimensions and or realities and to access knowledge, guidance, information, wisdom, and concepts and then interpret these in such a way that we are able to make use of them here.

This is Higher Realm Multidimensionality Awareness, that is to say, information, insights, and wisdom through the multidimensional sensory awareness which increases our multidimensional awareness and healing abilities.

Many hidden treasures are waiting for us to find again.

The energy will give us the ability to access knowledge which cannot be obtained through normal learning on the Earthly realities or through spiritual gifts such as channeling, clairvoyance, mediumship or other spiritual gifts. The Activation’s energies also hold within it a shield of protection from any obstruction from any beings or other forms of interference that may try to restrain or impede access to this information.

False beliefs that we may hold within us such as that these realities are beyond our abilities or are unattainable will be released so that we can allow ourselves to consider the infinite possibilities availed to us always in other realities and accept them. It will empower us to think outside the box so that our mind is open to truth.

There are forces in the Universe at work that are beyond our finite mind’s comprehension.

We will be empowered to explore these vast possibilities so that we can discover all the wisdom that the Great Masters before us were able to embrace with ease. Thus, the feeling of separation will be removed so that we have greater personal and spiritual power as we connect to our own Divinity, accepting that we are an extension of God Consciousness!

We will stand and be in our Divine Powers, experiencing a new wholeness of being.

We can use this energy to develop a greater capability to explore all of ourselves, to initiate positive change, experience release from all limits, traumas (current and past life), move into larger awareness, spiritual understanding, and enlightenment and bring together all areas of separation within All that We Are.

The Multidimensional Awareness Clearing and Activation will allow us to experience infinite potential as well as greater connection to the Divine Mind. As a result of heightened connection with the Divine Mind we will be able to think beyond our small space in the vastness of the amazing Universe, soar above our Earth bound concerns and problems and experience true Oneness with the Divine.

Finally we will re-awaken the unlimited Source of Power within us.

This will change our thinking and acting in such a way that with very little effort on our part we will begin to see miraculous things happening in our life.

We will work with alternate realities faster and experience greater manifestation of the desires of our heart – our goals and dreams. Not only will we be able to access knowledge and wisdom from other dimensions the energy of this system will assist us in assimilating this new information and incorporating it into our lives so that our reality will change for the better!

As we continue to work with the energy of this form our Higher Selves will be gradually prepared for the eventual and permanent shift to a Higher vibration of Consciousness so that discomfort levels remain minimal.

Because this Higher Vibrational Energy is foreign to us the energy of this Activation will assist us in acclimating to it. This will allow us to sense an awakening to our next level of Oneness with All That Is as well as retain the Higher Information that we receive.

This Activation will enable us to experience heightened sensitivity and new ways of being and sensing, opening hidden knowledge as tools for us to use and navigate through these heightened frequency shifts and dimensional doorways.

We will take on larger concepts and become more sensitive and directly engaged with these.

This powerful energy brings in an acceleration of the ascension process with momentum shifts and breakthroughs of our Divine Power so that we increase our divine power and oneness with the Divine.

Old physical, emotional, mental, spiritual blockages and negative energies will be released from our bodies. A powerful chakra clearing and opening of all chakras will be experienced. Causes of traumas, difficult patterns, limits, and challenges in our life which originate from beyond our physical body and life’s boundaries such as originating in the energy body or a past life or another reality altogether will be resolved.

Remaining veils of illusions will be torn down so that we create a more intimate connection with the Spiritual Hierarchy, our Guides, and Angels, Higher Self, Archangels, Ascended Masters and other Higher Beings.

Difficult and or long term entity attachments, ingrained conditioning, attitudes, negative patterns, past afflictions, karma, negativity and more will be resolved so that these are no longer blocking multidimensional awareness.

Limitations we hold ourselves to, limiting ideas, beliefs, expectations are released so that we are open to new areas and higher levels that were previously difficult to access. Energy blocks such as spells, curses, vows, contracts, which cause debilitations will be released.

The ability to better align with our soul purpose, abilities, skills, qualities, gifts will be enhanced. Emotional and karmic debris will be removed.

As a result of greater Multidimensional Awareness we will care more, have more concern, sensitivity, empathy and compassion for others.

New options, approaches, solutions and possibilities will come to our awareness.

As obscurations are cleared and dissolved and new possibilities come forward we will recognize the luminosity of the Higher Light Realms, integrate higher wisdom, which will change our realty forever into a dazzling and luminous new reality!

Distant empowerment sent via chi ball.
You will receive a .pdf manual.
Certificate issued if needed.
Founder: Rev. Tracey Loper

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