New Earth Teachers Part 6

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Some people have probably asked themselves why the catastrophe in Southeast Asia happened. It is surely horrible and sad when people die. Not perhaps for themselves, but for the ones that are left here on Earth, lonely, mourning and missing their close and dear ones. But a clear fact remains that many more people die every day all over the world. People have during all times died in large numbers and in total silence, sometimes in places in the world that are unknown to us. Most of human deaths have happened without our knowing about it, or have been silenced by local governments.

What you could say today is that practically everyone that died in Asia had agreed to do so at that particular time. But that is hardly a comfort to the ones that mourn someone who died. The whole thing was what you could call prearranged. It was among the last processes where group karma still existed. Everything was planned to attract people’s attention so that they would seek help, support, and protection from each other no matter their cultural background, religion, etc. It happened to start energies and get them into motion throughout all of the human group consciousness. Many perceived that some sort of calmness was around in spite of the catastrophe. Many people did not get as deeply upset as they had thought, wanted, or expected they would, because the processes on other planes were still more important.

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