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Prosperity Flow Reiki harmonizes your energies to the frequency of prosperity. This system connects you to the higher energies of manifesting prosperity. When you are in harmony with prosperity, you draw prosperity to you. You vibrate with the energies of prosperity. When you are in alignment with prosperity, the energies of lack, limitation, and poverty consciousness cannot stay in the energy fields of prosperity. Those negative energies cannot exist in the same light and energies of prosperity.

The energies of prosperity are always ready and accessible to use any time we need them. The problem we usually have is that we often get sidetracked, knocked off course, or caught up in worry. These things distract us from creating more money in our lives. When something happens that disrupts our flow of prosperity energies and our connection to the flow, we begin to feel negative emotions—fear, worry, and even panic. When these feelings are present (and they are powerful emotions) we are not in the flow of prosperity. Our energy flow is blocked. In this case it is the energies of prosperity. Prosperity will not flow to us when we worry, stress over money, or feel afraid that we won’t have enough.

You could think of the energies of prosperity flowing through a cord that connects you to prosperity. When the prosperity flow cord is clear and open, you are in harmony with prosperity and the energies are of a high vibration that is very positive. Money will come easily to you and in abundance. When you worry or are filled with doubts and fear about money issues, this prosperity flow cord closes up and money cannot flow in easily, if at all. The more you worry, the tighter the prosperity flow cord closes. Prosperity Flow is the divine energies of manifestation that connects you quickly to the Universal Source to help you to draw positive energies of Prosperity and money to you.

All that you ever need already exists and is in the etheric world. In order to manifest prosperity in your life, you must connect to the etheric energies of money and prosperity through Spirit and draw it to you. It exists in the ethers, and you must manifest it into the physical realm. The Prosperity Flow Reiki brings these positive energies of prosperity to you through the prosperity flow cord and the energies flow through you to raise your vibration to be in harmony with and of the same frequency of prosperity. This does not mean you can do nothing at all and just have money drop in your lap. You will have to take action, for example if you want a job, you must put in applications for the job, but when you energies are in alignment with prosperity, this will happen easier and your abilities to draw more money to you will increase. Money will flow to you with ease when you are in harmony with prosperity.

Distant empowerment sent by chi ball.
Certificate issued if needed.
You will receive a .pdf manual.
Founder: Linda Colibert

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