Pulse Resonance Empowerment

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We are influenced by various different electromagnetic frequencies. These are:

  • The Schumann Resonance (earth pulse)
  • The Zero-point (evolutionary trajectory)
  • The Phase-transition (the fractal harmonies of chaos)
  • Our own Signature Frequency
  • Our Adaptive (false-signature) Frequency (the neurotic, corrosive voids of civilization)
  • Various Stellar Frequencies (sun, moon, planets, and homeworlds)

Ordinarily we live out of alignment with not just one of them, but with all of them. We adjust our EMF to the adaptive self, and thus work counter not only our signature frequency, but the Terran and Celestial currents as well. Aligning to our Signatures automatically recalibrates us so that we are once again in harmony with the planet and with the cosmos of which it is a part, and therefore with our soul’s purpose.

Founder: Rev. Oliver Hoffmann
Distant empowerments sent by chi ball.
Certificate issued if needed.
You will receive a .pdf manual.

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