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Purple Prosperity Reiki connects you the Infinite Intelligence Source – Spirit — and to your higher self as well as the energies of purple and prosperity. This system works to raise your vibration to a higher energy of prosperity in which negative influences can no longer interfere or block
your flow of money. Purple Prosperity helps transmute your negative money issues into pure powerful positive energies that draw prosperity and steady cash flow. It is easy to use this system, and you can connect quickly for a burst of energy to help with any money issue.

Purple Prosperity Reiki is one of three systems Spirit has given me at this time to help humanity rise above and beyond lack, limitation, and poverty consciousness. These Three systems (Purple Prosperity Reiki, Gold and Silver Abundance Reiki, and Joyful Wealth Reiki) will all work together to enhance the energies of each of them if you choose to use them together. They are sold separately and can be used individually for powerful results or in combination with each other. When used in combination with each other, they work to help difficult money issues to resolve and heal quicker, which can bring in positive prosperity faster than it would normally take.

Purple is a very high energy color. The color is associated with royality, wealth, and high society. In ancient times, purple was a color that was harder to make, and generally only the wealthy could wear purple. As a spiritual and high energy color, purple in all shades transmutes lower energy (negative energies) to a higher level. When purple is used to heal money issues, it transmutes those blocks and the negative energies and sluggish energies so that they are higher energy, move faster, and put you in alignment with prosperity.

Purple light dissolves blocks and raises the frequency of vibration so that higher energies rush in to fill the void. This is how your energies raise to a higher level and your thoughts change to positive productive thoughts. Once this energy is transmuted, you will need to use the purple color to continue to keep your energies high and you will need to change your habits so that they match your higher frequency.

Many things we do are ritualistic and become habits. If we are in a lower level of energy, our thoughts tend to be more negative and draw to us more of what we do not want. You will want to change your daily habits to reflect your new higher energies and bring more prosperity into your life. If you fall back into the old habits, pay attention so that you can immediately run the Purple Prosperity Reiki energies to clear the negative energies and once again change your actions to reflect the higher energies. It may take some time to make the new habits permanent, but once you do, you will never again have to experience the old lack and limitations concerning money that you did before. Your habits reflect your thoughts and your energies. It is very important to be persistent and to not give up. Keep working on raising your energies, continue to run the Purple Prosperity Reiki energies as often as you feel guided. I suggest doing this once or twice a day – in the morning and night before bed. This will help you to stay clear of lower energies and negative thoughts that can cause you to fall back into old habits that block your prosperity. Once you have made changes and your thoughts no longer fall to worry and fear about money, you can just run the energies of Purple Prosperity Reiki once a week or whenever you are guided to clear and recharge those positive thoughts.

Distant empowerment sent via chi ball.
You will receive a .pdf manual.
Certificate issued if needed.
Founder: Linda Colibert

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