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Sacred Breath Reiki (a journey of remembering) is an amazing system that integrates many different aspects of healing including, crystals, smudging, chakras, oils and herbs. This is one of my favourite modalities.

Sacred breath reiki was founded by Wanda S Ruffner, in her manual to accompany the attunement,she says, “Sacred Breath is about many thoughts and customs, for me it is shamanic process, for others it may be totally different.

There are no hard fast rules just some basics. Each person that works with Sacred Breath brings with them their own spiritual thoughts/beliefs making it a system a personal journey of awakening a place within oneself. Although this is a self-healing system, it is also for healing others and our Mother Earth.” We all need to breathe on a physical level in a physical world, however, the sacred breath is much more than that.

It is the correct breathing pattern to bring about balance of body, mind, and spirit. Sacred Breath Reiki gives the ability to heal ourselves in a natural and simple way.
This is a lovely attunement that will help you in many areas of your life. The manual is in depth (73 pages) and explores a myriad of topics.

This wonderful sacred breath reiki manual and attunement will help you to discover:

– History and Origins of the sacred breath reiki system
– Breath of the East Wind/Elemental
– Breath of Air Breath/Elemental
– Breath of Water Breath/Elemental Breath of Fire
– Breath of the North/Elemental Breath of Earth
– Breath of the Rainbow Breathing/Moon
– Breathing the Sun
– Crystal Clearing Breath
– Dolphin Breath/Meditation
– Healing with Sound
– Hand Positions
– Additional Information/Aides
– Bach Flower Remedies
– Healing With Essential Oils/Herbs
– Gifts of the Stone Lodge People
– Chakras
– Ethereal Crystals
– Animal Medicine/Totems
– Working With Colours
– Feather Healing
– Cardinal Directions
– Smudging Ceremony
– Attunement process

Distant empowerment sent by chi ball.
Certificate issued if needed.
You will receive a .pdf manual.
Founder: Wanda S. Ruffner

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