The Spiritual Transmutation & Purification Activation

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The Spiritual Transmutation and Purification Activation is designed to help us shield and protect, to cut, severe, and seal the cords attaching us to others and the spiritual transmutation and purification needed to restore overall health and well being.

Psychic attack happens when a person, or group of people, is draining another person’s energy. Some people do this consciously but more often people are unaware of the effect they are having on the person under attack. We are all susceptible to psychic attack thus it becomes important to take care of our subtle bodies and psyche in the same way we take care of our physical health.

Here are some of the symptoms that can be experienced when you are under psychic attack. This is not a comprehensive list but does include the most common symptoms.

• Significant loss of energy
• Chronic Fatigue
• Difficulty concentrating
• Sleep Disturbances
• Stomach Upset or cramps
• Icy cold feeling physically
• Clumsiness
• Decline in self esteem and or confidence
• Irritability and short temper
• Depressed Mood
• Feeling of being watched
• Excessive anxiety and or panic attacks
• Chronic headaches
• Impaired memory

The energy of this form will release the negative energy and fears we are holding within our bodies (spiritual, mental, emotional and spiritual). Any negative thought forms or beliefs which are false or limiting as well as any behavior associated with holding such thought forms or beliefs will be released.

By removing fears and negative thinking, we will receive the needed boost to self confidence and courage so that we are no longer vulnerable to these attacks. The energy will protect us from future attacks by enveloping us in the Divine Love and Light which will stream down from the Heavens. As the energy of this form works on us it will release all negative emotions and transmute them into light. As a result, internal peace is restored.

The Spiritual Transmutation and Purification Activation energy works to transmute negative energy by turning it into light which causes us to vibrate to a higher energy pattern, releasing more spiritual energy into our bodies. It has the ability to transform fear into courage, anxiety into peace and hatred into love. It reestablishes harmony and balance.

The energy will expand, repair, stimulate, seal, heal, clear, cleanse, purify, fix and shield our aura (a thorough balancing of the chakras will take place) and other energy bodies and fields of energy from any threat of future attacks and reattachment of cords. It will resolve and heal the underlying reasons we were susceptible to cording in the first place.

Founder: Rev. Tracey Loper
Certificate issued if needed.
You will receive a .pdf manual.

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