Archangelic Flames Initiation

The Archangelic Flames Initiation system is a series of Initiation empowerments that connect you with the four Archangels which facilitates self-healing to invoke the qualities you need to manifest your full potential and live an abundant life.

In this journey to wholeness, we will be asking the 4 Archangels to support and facilitate each initiative, and through their support we will cultivate a deeper relationship with ourselves, others, the Divine and everything around us.

In the Archangelic Flames series of initiations, you receive connection to four Archangels associated with different qualities and energy:

- Archangel Uriel
- Archangel Raphael
- Archangel Michael
- Archangel Gabriel

Empowerment sent via chi ball.
Founder: Rev. Anna May
Certificate issued if needed.
You will receive a .pdf manual.

Price: 20 euros

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