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Efficiency Empowerment provides your mind a way to stay in the moment, knowing exactly what is to be done right now. In this way you are not “traveling” mentally onward to the next task, nor wondering whether one you already did was done well enough!

The energy of Efficiency Empowerment is well represented by these swirls of blue and white light that you see on the picture I’ve chosen to represent this energy system. The blue assists with mental focus while easing the emotions and the white is a purity that cuts through any unnecessary detail or gossip that would only distract you from your current task or project.

If your day includes traveling from one location to another, Efficiency Empowerment swirls ahead of you to assist to clear the way for your passing through that area.

The energy swirls of Efficiency Empowerment are as a power generator. They help energy build and then maintain the exact appropriate energy flow for the task or project you are attending to. This is very important. It assures that you don’t “run out of steam”, keeping the appropriate momentum going.

Problems solved by Efficiency Empowerment may include but are not limited to:

– Distractions ruling your attention.
– Problems feeling insurmountable.
– People pressing in on you and using your time.
– Difficulty deciding what to do next in your day.
– Feeling of not enough time to get the urgent stuff done today.

Benefits of activating your Efficiency Empowerment may include, but are not limited to:

– You find yourself powering through tasks more efficiently.
– Distractions have less of a pull on you.
– Your mind puzzles out problems more efficiently.
– You are able to navigate political and social situations more efficiently.
– You notice efficient solutions to all kinds of challenges.
– Your day’s flow improves and you enjoy life better.
– Your memory improves for the topics you need right now.
– As your efficiency increases you look at situations differently.
– Your find that you have more time for entertainment or spiritual pursuits.
– You have more time for visiting with family and friends.
– Your efficiency improves even in regards to how you care for your body and your exercise routine is adhered to easily.

Distant empowerment sent via chi ball.
You will receive a .pdf manual.
Certificate issued if needed.
Founder: Rev. Mariah Couture

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