Quantum healing for any incidents affecting you in this lifetime (past lives or from this life) – bring gifts forward – with Merlin Healing®

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I go backward or forward in time to work on events as they happened in time rather than trying to bring those events to the present time to work on them. I will clear the first incident for you that is affecting you now. Sometimes I will be shown a second incident. Then I break down the energy holding that incident in place. I will also bring gifts forward from other lives to be realized in this lifetime. It is a quantum healing and sometimes information will come forward about the healing and other times it is not revealed, but the healing takes place.

When talking of Merlin, we don’t mean the Merlin of legend. In that sense it is used as a title and has been by many people through the ages. When talking of Merlin through this healing session, we’re talking about the ancient being who is the source of the energy that is being worked with. The source of the energy Merlin worked with.

Merlin Healing® is a registered trademark of Keith M Mapson. All rights reserved. Used here with permission.

Certificate issued if needed.

I personally work on you for 45 minutes as a healing facilitator, via long distance.


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